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Hi  Bonnie;

Dryers react to a restricted vent by cycling off the heat. This often controls the advancement of the timer in most automatic dry cycles. Try removing the vent hose entirely from the dryer, then run a load to check for improvement.  Check my page on
dryer venting to see if your vent falls into the proper category.  You might not be aware that dryers were never intended to be vented vertically, such as to the roof or 2nd floor. This kind of vent system always causes problems with dryers unless it is meticulously cleaned out. A dryer vent should never exceed 18 feet without the aid of a helper blower installed in the duct. If you have thin foil vent on your dryer or even worse, white plastic, then you  need to replace it with safer stuff. Should your vent run vertically, it must be cleaned out every year. Fortunately, there are now rotary vent cleaning kits out now which are affordable & practical. These work much better than a manual brush or a shop vac.

To see if the vent is a factor in your long drying times, try disconnecting the vent completely and running a load. If it dries faster, you know where the problem is.



Dear Repairman

My dryer has begun taking longer and longer to dry the clothes. It first started on the Automatic cycles, but now even the timed cycle takes 2 hours to dry. Please help!!

Bonnie P.
Florsheim, CA.