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Put your washing machine in its place!




Specially designed pads will  provide positive traction for your washing machine and prevent "walking". Works on wood, concrete, vinyl and all types of tile, especially terrazzo and ceramic! No longer will that washer dance halfway around the room!  Can be trimmed to fit the contours of your washer's rubber feet. Manufacturers included these in kits to prevent pedestal washers from moving around so much, but only service technicians knew about them. Now they can be yours to use as needed, and prevent service calls to rebalance your washer because it walked out of its spot.


         Other websites charge $4.55 apiece for these (refer to part number 211692 to compare), but you can get 'em here cheap!


Sold in sets of 4  for $8.00  

We'll even pay for the shipping!

( Includes instructions.)



 *These pads are excellent for providing positive traction for your washer. They will not compensate for a weak floor, or an otherwise unstable washer which has balance problems. Unfinished wood floors may require sealing where the pads are to be placed. These pads have a gentle 3M adhesive on one side to hold them to the floor, and will not harm the finish on the floor. They can be easily trimmed to fit your washers'  footprint.