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Test Your Own Appliance Parts


If you really want to save time and money by testing your own appliance parts, then you will need this combination volt/ohm meter to guide you. This meter will not only read voltage at your wall outlet, but will also make continuity checks on any electronic part. This model also tests Oven Temperatures and Refrigerator temperatures, something once available only to service technicians!



This full-range multitester is capable of making most electrical measurements and for testing continuity. Essential for analyzing malfunctions in appliances, lighting systems, automotive and marine electrical systems, motors, batteries, heating and air conditioning equipment and virtually ALL electrical and electronic devices. This device also has an audible beep to check continuity without looking at the meter! It will help you diagnose circuit breaker problems, motors, solenoids, timers, heating elements, thermostats, fuses and so much more, just like the professionals!  You will have the power to make your own diagnoses and eliminate all doubt as to whether a part is good or bad. Color-coded meter ranges for ease of use.  9-volt battery included!



This meter can check the following:

  • A/C Volts- (0-750 VAC)

  • D/C Volts- (200mVDC to 1000VDC)

  • Temperature- (-4F to 2498F)

  • Temperature- (-20C to 1370C)

  • Ohms- (0 to 2000KΩ)

  • D/C current- (200A to 10 A)

  • Batteries

  • Milliamps


If you're like me, you've probably broken other meters by dropping them in the past. These have a rubberized protective shell that resists breakage wonderfully!

Similar meters sell for over $100.00

Sale Price-  $34.95!

18-Range Multi-tester  with Temperature Probe   

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