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Glide 'n Guard Floor Protectors


Appliance Moving Made Safe & Easy!!


  • Makes moving and cleaning around appliances safe and easy!

  • Protects your floor from unsightly damage and costly repairs!

  • For use with fridges, stoves, washers, dryers and freezers!

  • Lifetime warranty!


All floor manufacturers recommend floor protection when moving major appliances. Years of experience in the flooring industry have led to the development of a unique new system to move major appliances safely and easily, protecting your expensive hardwood, ceramic and vinyl floors. Glide N' Guard Floor Protectors are designed to preserve the beauty and brightness of today's exquisite floors. They can be left under your laundry appliances for easy cleanup and vent maintenance. Refrigerator coils can be accessed more easily, and without fear of floor damage.


ATTENTION: Service Technicians and all appliance repair groups!

These floor protectors can be an invaluable addition to your truck stock, and can prevent damage claims caused during service calls from floor damage. One set can save thousands in claims!


Glide N' Guard Floor Protectors are specially priced at $37.95 for the set. Much cheaper than a damaged floor!

Guaranteed for life by the manufacturer. Order a set for each heavy appliance you own to enable you to move with ease and without damage to your floors.