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Whirlpool and Kenmore Agitator Repair Kits



Medium Length Cam Kit

This will correct the condition where the top half does not revolve. Contains new cam dogs, a medium length cam & a new seal ring. It comes with complete instructions, and is SO much cheaper than a new agitator!

Note: The white cam is 2" Long.   Measure yours before ordering!

   Price- $18.95 

View Instruction Sheet


Short Cam Kit

Same basic parts as above, but with a shorter 1" cam to mount the dogs.


                  Price- $11.75





Cam Dog Kit-

We also have available just the cam dogs, without the hub and seal:

In many cases, replacing just the cam dogs will solve the problem.

If you need instructions for installing the cam dogs, click here  for a great demonstration.

(We sell only Whirlpool Genuine Factory parts here)

This kit is only $5.95.


If the washer won't agitate at all, but the motor and belts are turning, then you may have drive coupling or transmission issues. In this case, it is well worthwhile to have a technician check the machine to verify this. Sometimes, the base of your agitator can strip out, especially from overloading. In such a case, the splines are damaged inside the agitator, and can be seen after the agitator is removed.

If you find a damaged agitator, click the parts link above to find the correct one for your model. That's all there is to it!


  or call our Parts Line at  1-800-507-4040

They'll look it up for you.