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Tired of paying expensive repair bills?  It's only expensive if someone else does it for you.  A master technician with over 39 years of experience on all brands provides this website to help you find the cause of your appliance problems and to do many repairs yourself.  See the appliance categories on the menu and follow the troubleshooting links to find out what's giving you problems.  From there, it's a quick click to the part you need and you are done!  You can save hundreds of  $$$  by doing most simple repairs yourself! All you need is my expert guidance. Men and women alike have become empowered with new skills after reading thru this website. You can be one of them! 
If electrical and mechanical repairs are beyond your comfort level, we now offer a network of competent, proven service companies to take care of your service needs. See the Service Locator box on the right side of the page to get the best service!


Repairman's Spotlight on Do-It-Yourself:


Summer Special!     Dryer Vent Cleaners-

Dryer taking twice as long to dry? Clean it like the Pros do!

    All you need is  your cordless drill. Save $100's on paying an outside service for this yearly task. Kits for every length of run, whether it's a one story roof or more! This one get's 'em clean! Perfect for apartment  dwellers or maintenance crews!

Service companies should keep this on every  truck for  extra income during  service calls.

Click Here For Details!




   Multimedia Learning Products- 

NEW!  Expert step-by-step instructionOur versions of Video Professor@   ....for appliances

    "You Can fix Microwave Ovens!"

Covers all makes, including GE Advantium!

 Microwave Repair DVD set   - click here


  NEW!!  Whirlpool & Kenmore Top Load Washer Repair on DVD!

Now you can make repairs like the experts on the world's most popular design of top-load washing machines! Every aspect of the machine is exposed and described in detail, including which tools are needed to do specific repairs. This will eliminate expensive service calls!

  Click Here for Details!   


Home Handyman- Repair & Installation Tips:


 "How to Install a Dishwasher"                (more dishwasher tips)



Dryer Problems- 

  Is it taking a more than an hour to dry a normal load?

 See why here.

 If it's rumbling, squeaking or grinding, you can  tune up that old Frigidaire, Kenmore or Whirlpool dryer with one handy kit, and save big bucks doing it yourself! Easy to follow instructions make every novice an expert! 

Our Economic Stimulus Plan...Free Oil with every tune-up kit! (Details)

(more dryer tips)

Easy Washer Repairs-


If your Kenmore or Whirlpool made top-loader does not agitate properly, there's a simple solution right  HERE.

(more washer tips)

Dishwasher Tip of the Day-

Solve poor dishwashing results and clean your dishwasher...with the help of a great product.   Click HERE for Details!


   Free Help Forum-

We have a most helpful forum with over 7500 topics to solve your most irritating appliance issues! Solve most problems without having to call a repair service!

Read all the Latest Topics



#1 in Identity Theft Protection

Any Part,  Any Brand !!

Enter part or model number


Enter model number


Support us and keep the free help available by purchasing parts thru our distributors.

Can't find your model on the lookup?

Click Here

Odor Control for Front-Load Washers!

Affresh for H.E. Washers!

Brand new products treat buildup in your H.E. machines!

Click Here


Protect your floor!

Move heavy appliances with ease!

Glide-N-Guard floor protectors make moving heavy appliances a breeze!  Contractor grade.


Does your washer walk around the room? "NO-SLIP" discs will solve the problem! Keep that washer in its place!  




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The Virtual Repairman 2010 Angie's List Super Service Award winner

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Consumer Corner-

The Virtual Repairman hopes that these links will provide some insight on appliances before you make your next purchase. The recall list has grown tremendously over the past few years as manufacturing trends have changed. Hopefully you can benefit ahead of time and make your next purchase an informed one.

Appliance Recalls

Average Appliance Life Spans



Do-It-Yourself Equipment

Now with Temperature Probe!!

Get your own volt/ohm meter and take the guesswork out of  repair jobs. 18-ranges for all appliance diagnoses! Calibrate your oven temperature!

Click here for details!


Recent Visitor Feedback:

Dear Sirs:
My Kenmore dryer broke. Based on the noise it was making I knew it was the belt. I have never done this type of work or repair. I took it apart (knew that much) bought the new belt, but ran into a little trouble about how to put the belt back. So I turned to the web and came across this site. Found the model and diagram to it. 25 minutes later I was drying clothes. The best instructions ever!

Belt $10.70, web search to this site 4 minutes, fixed dryer: PRICELESS!!


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